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Termite Control In Phoenix, AZ

Complete Termite Protection For Your Phoenix Home Or Business

For devastating property damage, very few pests measure up to the impact that comes with a termite infestation. For starters, they can go undetected for years, if not decades, ensuring they have plenty of time to eat away at your property.

Another reason why they cause so much trouble is that they operate within a colony that just keeps growing. As the colony gets bigger, the potential property damage grows bigger.

If that wasn't bad enough, once a termite colony has grown to a certain size, an event known as termite swarming season occurs, in which swarmers create new colonies nearby. That's why if a termite infestation is suspected, the only effective solution is help from professionals trained in termite control. That's where Phoenix's termite and pest control experts can help. We provide expert termite and pest control services to homes and businesses around Maricopa County.

Our Termite Control Process

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Effective termite control requires a specific approach that considers termite behavior and ensures results that last. At Arizona's Exterminator Company, we've honed our process to perfection.


Our service specialists perform a full inspection of the exterior and interior of the affected building. During the inspection, we check for conducive conditions and measure the size of the home to determine a customized service plan to meet your needs.


We provide unmatched results through the use of Termidor® HE, which is the trench and treat method around the exterior of the home. During this step, we drill and treat to reach as deep as necessary. We also use Sentricon® bait stations, and we place these bait stations 10- 12 feet apart.

Even the best of circumstances need security, which is why we provide a one-year warranty with unlimited callbacks, so you can relax knowing our service specialists have you taken care of every step of the way.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Part of knowing when it's time to bring out the professionals is to know the signs of an infestation. For those untrained in termite identification, this can be tricky to accomplish. That's why we've included a list of the most common termite infestation signs for your review:

  • Mud tubes
  • Hollow wood
  • Blistered wood
  • Wings left behind

Types Of Termite Damage

Structural Damage

With their love of eating wood, the very structure of your property is inevitably at risk. With structural damage, the financial cost is extremely high, and the environment is unsafe for anyone residing on the premises.

Cosmetic Damage

While wood is preferred, termites will also eat away at your sheetrock, flooring, paint, and other similar materials. For this reason, plenty of cosmetic damage can occur, which is also costly to repair. Plus, homeowners' insurance usually doesn't cover termite damage.

Termite Control In Phoenix, AZ – The Right Way!

Do you suspect a termite infestation? Contact our service specialists at Arizona's Exterminator Company to explore your termite control options for pest control done the right way.

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