The Answers To Phoenix's Most Common Scorpion Questions

scorpion nesting in gravel and sticks

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions prefer to live in arid environments such as Phoenix. Despite occasionally coming indoors to seek shelter or food, scorpions spend most of their lives outdoors. No matter where these pests find themselves, they always gravitate to tight spaces that shelter them, such as beneath rocks, under logs, inside rubbish, and around storage areas.

What Do Scorpions Look Like?

Scorpions are in the same family as spiders and have eight legs. These pests also have two pedipalps (claws with pincers) that protrude from their front and a long segmented tail with a barbed stinger at its end. In our area, the Arizona bark scorpion is the most common. This scary-looking creature varies in color from yellowish-brown to tan and has no distinguishing markings.

Are Scorpions Venomous?

All scorpions have venom; however, not all scorpions are dangerous. The Arizona bark scorpion, which is common around our area, can and will sting humans but does not generally pose any serious risk to health beyond a little pain and discomfort. If you are allergic to insect venom, a sting from one of these pests will be considerably more dangerous.

What Do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions live off a diet of creatures that are their size or smaller, including cockroaches, spiders, beetles, moths, and any other pests they can catch. Often, scorpions will enter into homes to hunt; this happens more often when the weather is especially hot or cold, and the pests that scorpions eat are also coming inside for shelter.

What Do Scorpions Hate The Most?

There have been many studies done to assess what scorpions hate. In some cases, certain scents such as lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, and cedar seem to deter these nasty pests. However, these smells will not keep scorpions from invading your home if they are desperate and need food or shelter fast.

What Should You Do If You Encounter A Scorpion?

If you find a scorpion inside your Phoenix area home, act with caution. Although dangerous scorpions are not common to our area, they are still around and will, on rare occasions, invade homes. If you find a scorpion near an exterior exit, you may try to use a long broom to coax it outside. If it is further inside your home, our recommendation is to seal off the room it is in. Do this by closing all doors leading into the room and sealing them from the bottom using a towel. Once you have the scorpion contained, reach out to the professionals at Arizona's Exterminator Company, LLC. We will send one of our highly qualified pest technicians your way ASAP. Using advanced pest control products and safety equipment, they will find, capture, and eliminate any scorpions causing trouble around your home.

For a more lasting solution, talk to our team about ongoing home pest control services. With several options to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a cost-effective and guaranteed way to keep scorpions out of your Phoenix home.