Three Simple Yet Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips For Phoenix Properties

a scorpion on a red rock

Scorpions are the type of creature you would not expect to see around your home unless you lived in an area like Phoenix. If you recently moved here from somewhere up north, then you should know scorpions are a common pest problem in our area, but fortunately, they do not have to be common around your home. To help you combat scorpions around your Phoenix property, here are three simple yet effective prevention tips you can use.

The Most Common Scorpion Around Phoenix

There are a few scorpion species that live around Phoenix, but most rarely invade homes. The only scorpion in our area that continually finds itself indoors is the striped bark scorpion. Identify this yellow-brownish pest by its 2-4” inch long body, eight legs, two pinchers, long segmented tail, and attached venomous stinger. Around homes, scorpions hide in dark and secluded areas such as beneath boards, rocks, clutter, and other debris. Indoors, these pests find shelter around basements, crawl spaces, and cluttered storage areas. It is not uncommon for scorpions to venture further indoors from these areas and hide in shoes, closets, bedding, and the folds of clothes.

The Dangers Of Scorpions

Coming from the class Arachnida, the same class in which spiders reside, scorpions are considered by many to be incredibly dangerous creatures. This is only partly true. Although some species of scorpions possess potent venom that can be life-threatening to humans, most pose about as much risk as a wasp or bee. The striped-bark scorpion, for instance, has venom and can sting, but seldom does. The only time you are likely to be attacked by one of these pests is if you directly threaten one or try to pick one up with your bare hands.

Why Scorpions Invade Homes

Scorpions will invade a home for one of two reasons: either they need a place to hide from dangers outside, or they are hungry and the only food around is inside your home. To expound upon these ideas, scorpions prefer living and hunting outdoors. At night they prey on insects, arachnids, and arthropods like centipedes. It is only when their food starts invading your home or unfavorable conditions outside such as inclement weather, drastic temperature change, or construction occurs, that these pests start looking for ways to get inside.

A Few Helpful Scorpion Prevention Tips

The end goal is to have a scorpion-free home. To help you accomplish this goal, here are three simple yet effective control tips you should be using:

  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed. This involves filling in gaps and cracks using a caulking gun, repairing damage to window/door screens, and addressing issues with weatherstripping and door sweeps around your home.
  • Reduce clutter around your property. We recommend you start by cleaning your main living areas and then moving on to organizing closets and storage spaces.
  • Address moisture issues around your home. Some common issues include leaky piping/fixtures, high humidity, broken gutters, and sources of water build-up.

A Better Way To Handle Scorpions

If you think scorpions are crawling around inside your Phoenix home or are looking for a sure-fire way to keep these pests out year-round, turn to the professionals at Arizonas Exterminator Company. We will use advanced pest control strategies in Phoenix and industrial-grade products to ensure your property’s safety against a wide range of pests.

Contact our team today to discuss your pest control options and find one that will work best for your property.