What To Do About Bees On Your Phoenix Property

Bee getting pollen from a while flower in Phoenix, AZ

It is not hard to have mixed feelings about bees. On the one side, they are relatively cute and very good for the environment. On the other side, they are dangerous and threaten people with their painful stingers and venom. Regardless of how you feel about bees, it is safe to assume you don’t want them stinging you on your Phoenix property. The only question is, how can you get them to go away without hurting them in the process. Here is what we recommend.

Learn More About Bees

Before we talk about how to get and keep bees off your property, it is important that you first learn a bit about these invasive but beneficial insects. To start, bees are pollinators and are vital in helping plants grow healthy and strong. Bees are also generally non-aggressive. The only time these pests will sting is if they feel directly threatened or think their hive is in danger. Most species of bees in our area are social creatures that live in large nests built out of beeswax. Carpenter bees are an exception to this and live by themselves and shelter inside holes they bore into wood.

Bonus Fact: Honey bees do not always die after they sting a person. Their stingers have barbs that get stuck under elastic human skin. If given time to escape, honey bees will almost always be able to free themselves and fly away peacefully. Doing this has the added benefit of not having their ripped-off stinger inside your arm after they fly away. This means less venom and less pain.

Understand Your Risk

A bee’s sting is painful but is harmless to the majority of people. The only time an attack from these pests poses serious harm is if the individual who is stung has an allergy to venom. An allergic reaction to a bee sting can involve anaphylactic shock which involves symptoms such as lightheadedness, wheezing, difficulty breathing, confusion, increased heartbeat, clammy skin, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, swollen tongue/lips, and loss of consciousness. If you are unsure if you are allergic to bee stings or not, consult with your doctor to find out for certain.

Adopt Some Bee-Prevention Tips Around Your Property

Bees are drawn to properties by a myriad of factors many of which can be controlled or reduced. To lessen your chances of having bees settle down in or around your home, try these simple exclusion tips.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation and around window/door frames.
  • Make sure your home’s siding, roofline, and shingles are in good condition.
  • Consider removing budding plants and flowers from your property.
  • Pick up fruits and berries that drop into your yard.
  • Clean up thoroughly after outdoor gatherings.
  • Keep sweet beverages and foods covered while eating or drinking outdoors.
  • Paint or varnish untreated structural wood around your home’s exterior.

Understand That Arizonas Exterminator Company Is Here To Help

Despite our name, we do not exterminate bees. At Arizonas Exterminator Company, we understand how pertinent bees are to our climate and the importance of removing them from properties safely rather than through eradication. Using safety equipment, mobile hive units, and advanced bee sedation and relocation techniques we move these beneficial insects out of yards. Whether these pests have built their hive on a tree or inside the wall/ceiling voids of your home, our solutions are designed to handle your bee problem at the source. Contact our team now to schedule your Phoenix property for a detailed pest evaluation.