How Dangerous Are Termites In Phoenix?

close up of termite in the dirt

Your place could be in shambles if termites ever get to it. They are wood-eating insects that generate $5 billion in prevention and recuperation expenses each year in the United States. It’s rare for insurance companies to include or offer coverage for this. Learn about the possible dangers of termites and how you can avoid them with Arizona’s Exterminator Company.

How Do Termites Operate? What Are the Dangers?

Termite colonies are often large and consist of workers, soldiers, and swarmers. As you might have guessed, workers are the primary destroyers of wood. In this area, they are typically white or grayish-white and 0.12 of an inch long. They’re watched by protective soldiers with rectangular heads, who guard with their chunky mandibles. The brown, yellow, or black swarmers are substantially larger at ½ of an inch long. Using their wings, these bugs fly from overran nests to make new ones through mating. Generally speaking, termites live for a few years. Queens can survive for a decade.

Given that the other two classes reside in soil and walls, swarmers will likely be the only termites you see. Check your windows and lamps for them, because they are drawn to light. This makes them a chief sign of infestation. Other notices are:

  • Finding the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Seeing fecal frass stacks close to the maze patterns, mud tubes, and holes of termites
  • Walls that sound hollow when knocked on
  • Hearing soft noises from inside walls
  • Observing that paint is becoming frothy and bubbled
  • Having drywall that’s flagging and discolored
  • Tiles coming apart 
  • Floorboards that are dwindling
  • Doors and window frames that are tough to use

The biggest concern with termite takeovers is walls and bases falling or diminishing. This could result in someone getting hurt. In the least, it could mean your home or business will be unstable. It might not be wise to remain there. Relocations or operational closures can be exhausting logistically, emotionally, and financially. Not to mention, the costs of having to rectify termite damages. You or another person may also experience an allergic reaction from being around these bugs.

How Can Termites Be Prevented?

Take these steps to keep termites away from your domicile or establishment:

  • Restore or get rid of wood that is rotting or ruined. 
  • Have leaks and moisture faults repaired immediately; particularly if it’s dampening wood. 
  • Close up gaps in utility lines, caulk, and foundations. 
  • Put screens on all exterior vents. 
  • Wash out gutters and vents on a routine basis. 
  • Sit plants and woodpiles two feet or more from the property.
  • Never let free wood, such as fire logs, touch soil. 
  • Trim grass and greenery frequently.

What Can Arizona’s Exterminator Company Do About Termites?

Termites can’t be eliminated with commercial products. These items are usually too weak and will only work temporarily. Alternatively, they can be highly toxic or easy to misuse. Contacting us at Arizona’s Exterminator Company will be a more effective use of your money and a safer avenue. Our industrial treatments are thorough, long-lasting, and non-threatening. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained. Don’t hesitate to call us at Arizona’s Exterminator Company today and get an inspection today!